Hi there! It's lovely to "virtually" meet you. Below I've set out my responses to the typical questions frequently asked but of course, feel free to contact me if yours isn't noted.

So what do you do exactly? 

I'm a ghostwriter specialising in the green technology sector. I came to ghostwriting with seven years of experience in the energy industry, having worked for one of the world's largest integrated companies, heading up their in-house publishing team. Which means that I know how to create and promote compelling content for key stakeholders ranging from industry associates, to company-sponsored students and company retirees.  

Add a Bachelor's in English, a Masters in Journalism and several years as a newspaper journalist and editor and you've got someone on your team with a decisive edge you won't find elsewhere. 

What types of content do you focus on?

I ghostwrite blogs, e-books, custom publications and lead magnets. 

Can you show me some of your samples?

I've put together a few examples of the various long form content I've created over the years in my portfolio. But before you click on over...

I incorporate copywriting into my work, having learnt my craft from some of the best around including Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon. But while copywriting is a skill that can be learnt, another thing that sets me apart is my decade-long experience writing with cultural sensitivity. If your clients are from the Middle East or Asia, I can be an asset.

Why work with me? 

We ghostwriters talk all the time about ideal clients. So it's fair to say that as a client, you no doubt have in mind your vision of the ideal ghostwriter.  

  • You want someone who can hit the road running, not somebody who needs their hand held. Guidance is one thing. Having to spell everything out is exhausting. 
  • You need someone who does their research before that first meeting once the proposal has been signed. Who takes the time to learn about your company's values, vision & mission, key stakeholders, tone of voice and unique selling points. 
  • You want clear communication and an open channel with quick responses. No one has the time to chase for answers and nor should you have to. 
  • A healthy respect for deadlines is paramount, but so is appreciation that sometimes goal posts shift, so flexibility is key. 
  • You want your job to be made easier by dealing with clearly written drafts that are delivered on time and which reduce the need for unnecessary reviews.

I can deliver on all these criteria because as a former journalist, I know what's needed to get clear, concise copy approved and ready for publishing under strict deadlines. And having dealt with freelancers myself, I know the pain points clients have to deal with, doing my best to minimise them. 

What projects have you worked on?

The past 10 years have provided me with amazing opportunities to create and collaborate.

On what, you may ask?

Below are a few examples...

  • Greeting cards
  • News articles/features
  • Advertising collateral (flyers, inserts, brochures, banners)
  • Media kits
  • Website copy
  • Annual reviews
  • Blog post
  • Magazines
  • Intranet copy
  • Newsletters
  • Email templates
  • Menus
  • Cookbooks
  • Educational material
  • Executive level presentations
  • Policies
  • Speeches
  • Recipes
  • Event collateral 

How much do you charge?

One of the first questions I get asked is "what's your hourly rate?" Personally, I prefer to quote based on deliverables, not on the number of hours. That way, it's based on the value I provide to you and the solutions I put forward to your problems. If you'd like to discuss my approach further, feel free to drop me a line!

What happens after I send an enquiry?

I respond post haste! We'll set up an appointment to further discuss your project and its deliverables either via online chat or email. This will allow me to provide you with an accurate quote and timeline, which I'll send, along with a proposal setting out my terms of service. If you're happy to proceed, I require a 50% deposit up front for most projects, with the balance due upon project completion. I'll provide regular updates throughout the copywriting process and follow up with any revisions required. Please refer to my Terms of Service for further information.  

“Kimberley provides an excellent, reliable and trustworthy service, constantly perfecting the written word of our authors and improving not only the general standard of the articles, but the overall impact of delivering the key messages.

Kimberley always goes that extra mile to ensure she meets, and often surpasses our expectations, always working with a delightful and personable manner, with patience and decorum at all times. A real pleasure to work with and a service which is 100% reliable, flexible and dependable. I would highly recommend Kimberly’s service as a great addition to any organisation.”
— Catherine Carolan, Owner, Duchess & Dean
“Kimberly shows a strong ability to deal with a heavy workload producing quality publications work under pressure. In addition, she has a proven track record in working effectively in complex organisational structures and delivering work under tight timelines, that has a proven positive impact for our organization.”
— Henry Jacques Bakker, Corporate Communications Manager, AOC, The Hague
“Kim has a great work ethic, is a talented writer, and produces excellent communications products. She is also a pleasure to work with and an asset to any team.”
— Heather O'Connor, Divison Head, Corporate Communications at Aramco Services Company
“Creative, diligent and good at planning are how I would describe Kim amongst many other things. She is results driven, and has an eye for detail while managing many projects. She is also an excellent team player, always providing constructive advice for other projects.”
— Chilli Li, Internal Communications Manager, Wolters Kluwer